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I am a chemical engineer working as the manufacturing director for Knox Medical in Puerto Rico. I am in charge of laboratory, manufacturing and packaging. I conduct daily supercritical CO2 cannabis extractions, potency analysis using an HPLC and I make dilutions to specific concentrations. I also conduct maintenance on all the equipment, which include air compressors, water heaters, rotary evaporators and others. As manufacturing director I am also in charge of manufacturing budget, where I order every supply necessary for the process. Being the only scientist at Knox Medical Puerto Rico, I've shared what I know about the benefits of cannabis with patients. I've worked alongside doctors in cannabis educational events where we answer any questions from cannabis processing to how cannabis is metabolized in the body. I am planning to move to Cleveland some time this year and I would love to continue improving my cannabis processing skills while providing a better life quality to cannabis patients.

Manufactured Knox Medical Dispensary's initial inventory in Puerto Rico. More than 2,000 units produced by myself. Met with the established deadline of the Dispensary's grand opening in January after Hurricane Maria hit in Puerto Rico.

Developed an Excel calculator at Cardinal Health's Nuclear Pharmacy thats able to determine the time it takes to manufacture specific products. This helped the team better prepare themselves before the starting shift at 2am. It also gave them vision as to where improvements could be made.

Worked directly on multiple Knox Licenses in Puerto Rico, including the manufacturing licensing, transport license (First and only in the island), Manufacturing and Cultivation Database synch with the Department of Health (First to synch).

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I chose to leave the travel industry after 25 years to show myself that I could do physical labor. It was challenging and over whelming. I did it.

My customer service skills worked out well in the factory. I am disappointed that so many of those jobs are no longer but I welcome technology and a change in life challenge.

5 years perfect attendance
Went from travel agent to factory
Raised 3 small children by myself after my husband died at 39

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<![CDATA[Dispensary Manager]]> Dispensary Manager

I have owned and operated a successful AZ dispensary, grow and MIP since 2013. I can help train staff, create processes, create brands, and develop all aspects of business in the cannabis space.

Started a medical dispensary and grew revenues to more than $5M per year

Award winning cultivation and extraction

Developed novel methods of patient care and using each type of plant material to its most profitable end.

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<![CDATA[Cultivation Manager]]> Cultivation Manager

With over 17 years of hands on cannabis cultivation experience with thousands of harvests ranging from small medical gardens to million dollar commercial operations, I can help your organization achieve it's goals.
I converted a 3500 square feet, 700 plant garden producing about 3 pounds per week into a 1000 square feet, 12 plant garden producing the same yield while reducing labor and overhead exponentially. I implemented techniques used by Automotive manufacturers such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen and E-Myth Method to accomplish this goal.

Developed a turn-key system that insures a garden produces the same results, every time, with minimal input. This method can be successfully followed by anyone; even those without experience.
I have designed and built grow rooms ranging from a cancer patient's closet to a 10,000 square feet grow facility for a dispensary in New Mexico.

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<![CDATA[General Manager]]> General Manager

As a G.M. for several golf and restaurant companies (including my own), I feel my skills would match well with your growing industry. I have handled marketing, financing, budgeting, sales, and operations for multi-million dollar businesses with great personal satisfaction and professional success. I would feel that those developing a business plan for this new industry would want someone with experience, financial understanding, good communication skills, and a deep belief in what this industry can provide to those in real need of medical relief. Thank you for your consideration!

Accomplishing budgetary constraints for the last five years at my previous position in the midst of severe cutbacks without having to furlough any full-time employees. Owned a business for 19 years showing a profit for all but 2 of those years. Developed a partnership with many downtown Cleveland businesses that exist to this day.  Worked for the President of the United States for three years (for better or worse).

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