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Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I graduated with a B.S. of Agriculture in the Dept of Horticulture & Crop Science from the Ohio State University in 2009.

I have been tending and talking plants for as long as I can remember and have almost 20 years of experience managing a diverse array of complex and multilevel business, operational, and horticultural systems at a Senior Level.

I've led presentations, strategy sessions, and Miller-Heiman organizational alignment meetings with executives and industry leaders across the nation; reviewed, selected, and on-boarded new hires for both Brickman and Brightview Landscapes and am also proficient at leading small labor crews, conducting hands on crew-training, managing inventory and identifying operational best practices in my industry. I am also adept at projecting operational costs and future budgetary needs/goals and am fluent in documenting process-results, data analysis, and setting production-metrics.

I am organized, self-motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to achieving maximum production efficiency from my myself, my teams, my tools, and most importantly - my plants. Aside from all this, I have an intense love and understanding of the cannabis plant and the passion to teach people about its many benefits. I feel that I would be a valued addition to any budding company looking to make their mark in the industry.

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<![CDATA[Attorney/Marketing Specialist]]> Attorney/Marketing Specialist

As an attorney with a background in entrepreneurship and marketing, I love to wear multiple hats! Because I come from an entrepreneurial background, I love the fast pace of the cannabis industry and like to get my hands dirty tackling projects that one would not normally expect from an attorney. 

My ideal job is one that utilizes my abilities to identify and mitigate regulatory & compliance challenges, contribute through deal closing/transactional legal work, and assist in digital, event, and other creative marketing efforts.

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