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As a G.M. for several golf and restaurant companies (including my own), I feel my skills would match well with your growing industry. I have handled marketing, financing, budgeting, sales, and operations for multi-million dollar businesses with great personal satisfaction and professional success. I would feel that those developing a business plan for this new industry would want someone with experience, financial understanding, good communication skills, and a deep belief in what this industry can provide to those in real need of medical relief. Thank you for your consideration!

Accomplishing budgetary constraints for the last five years at my previous position in the midst of severe cutbacks without having to furlough any full-time employees. Owned a business for 19 years showing a profit for all but 2 of those years. Developed a partnership with many downtown Cleveland businesses that exist to this day.  Worked for the President of the United States for three years (for better or worse).

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<![CDATA[Dispensary Manager]]> Dispensary Manager

I am a highly motivated individual. I have a skill set that is very difficult to attain. Among those skills is the ability to educate myself. I also have a drive that most can not keep up with. I practice Jeet Kune Do, created by Bruce Lee, and learn philosophy in spare time. For that very reason I not only "believe" that cannabis is the future of many aspects of humanity I know it will be, based on factual science. I had a hypothesis about an Endocannabiniod System Deficiency that accounts for many diseases in humans. That is now a theory backed by massive amounts of research by Ethan Russo, MD. I have educated friends with autoimmune diseases such as lupus and MS and got them on a CBD regiment that had more often then not helped them to get off their other medications that did more damage then treatment.

I am open to working in almost any and every aspect of the cannabis industry for the simple fact of I plan to be an Cannabis Entrepreneur myself, and in my eyes I feel to be a successful entrepreneur you need to have a firm grasp on all aspects of the business you are working in. My dream is to have a dispensary in lower income areas that I could then use to help give back to the community which begins with education. Ideally I would like to find a career mentor to be open to some ideas of my own. I already have ideas that I have seen from other successful and not successful dispensaries to change the role of a budtender.

I have experience in 5s and Kai-Zen, and am very aware that it is a key role in maximizing profits and productivity as a whole. Introduction to Cannabis certification from the Cleveland School of Cannabis, Formally Cleveland Cannabis College. 

Graduated Madison High School
Certified in Adobe Dreamweaver

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<![CDATA[ Medical Laboratory Scientist]]>  Medical Laboratory Scientist

I am a board-certified Medical Laboratory Scientist dedicated to delivering rapid and accurate laboratory test results. I am interested in analytical testing laboratories in the industry, test validation, quality, laboratory information systems, and compliance with laboratory accreditation standards. I recently graduated from Kent State University and the Cleveland Clinic School of Medical Laboratory Science.

Curriculum includes all departments of clinical pathology including routine & special chemistry including liquid and gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, microbiology, hematology, blood banking, immunology, molecular, cytogenetics, laboratory operations, and management.
My service to the country as an infantry paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division.

The charity I founded which helps improve access to medical marijuana for disabled and chronically ill veterans.

My certification in the field of clinical laboratory science.

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<![CDATA[Cannabis Educator]]> Cannabis Educator

I have a combined total of 23+years of teaching experience in secondary education, post secondary education, and nursing. I have an extensive clinical background in pain and symptom management as well as wound care. I have had 14 years of supervisory experience working with adults in the education and nursing areas. I have eclectic academic interests. I am currently a part-time instructor at the Cleveland School of Cannabis where I teach about the endocannabinoid system, cannabis medication, and patient advocacy in the Medical Cannabis Comprehensive program.

Additionally, I teach 7th Grade English and History at a private middle school. Lastly, I am a practicing registered nurse who cares for an 82 year old TBI patient who is treated with cannabis. I have been interested in cannabis and its medicinal use for some time. I believe in this medication and the good that it does. I want to be a medical professional who advocates for patients who want the option of using cannabis as a treatment for the symptoms of their diagnosis. People should not needlessly suffer and should have access to safe, effective treatments such as cannabis. In addition to being an patient advocate, I want to help others learn about the importance of cannabinoids, how they help the body maintain homeostasis, and how it can be used as a treatment for other pathologies.

Teaching others about how cannabinoids work in the body will help a budtender be more proficient in their knowledge of the medication. It will help the grower appreciate the plant more by knowing how cannabis works in the body. There is so much more we have to learn about this beautiful plant and I want to be a part of it!

Finishing college. I was first generation college student.
Obtaining my teaching license.
Obtaining my nursing license.

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<![CDATA[Human Resources]]> Human Resources

A results-oriented, experienced professional with 26 years of proven accomplishments in human resources, administration, and 20 years of mid-level management experience. Proficient in strategic planning, process management, leader development, quality assurance, and customer service. Exceptional problem-solving and decision-making skills, enriched throughout many challenging and demanding positions. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 2011-Present, Councilman, Milan, Ohio Approved legislation for improvement of village infrastructure. Developed the first Council Rules for Milan, OH. 2018-Present, Consumer Mortgage Lender, CIVISTA Bank, Norwalk, OH Originate mortgage loans, and submit for processing 2015-2017, Senior County Veterans Service Officer, Erie County Ohio Delivered financial assistance to Veterans in financial distress. Initiated claims for Veterans that resulted in 98% approval of benefits rating.

Increased the effectiveness of the software by adding tools and data processing to combine information into concise reports. 2014-2015, Assistant Finance Manager and Salesman, Smiley Automotive 2008 - 2014, Human Resources, Administration, and Operations, US Army, Port Clinton, Ohio Executive assistant improving all HR actions, travel management, reports, and improvement of inspected requirements for multiple company locations. Administration of executive level suspense s, individual training, readiness reporting, record keeping, payroll, and data systems management for multiple locations. Enhanced information systems generating successful results. Hosted foreign dignitaries supporting the State Partnership Program with Serbia.

Operations supervisor in which I dramatically improved requirements, assignments, and resources for 5 years. Cut 2.1 million dollars of budget requirements in re-configuring work assignments and reducing unnecessary personnel and equipment for the support of a national event. 2003 - 2008 Company Manager and Administrator, US Army, Sandusky/Walbridge, OH Administrator of company level suspense s, individual training, readiness reporting, record keeping, payroll, and data systems management to improve the efficiency of the company. Human Resources Assistant Manager during deployment in a high pace operation maintaining strength accountability and support for over 900 personnel. Responsible for a million dollar project for replacement services to provide humanitarian aid to multi-national forces in foreign aid and projects involving reconstruction.

Enhanced training requirements, qualifying personnel in their required duties and assignments for various responsibilities. 2001 - 2003 Logistics/Materials Manager, US Army, Sandusky, OH Upgraded all logistics activities at a company level with experience in higher level management of assets for various projects and training. Maintained and accounted for over 3 million dollars of equipment and resources to maintain a level of readiness for company projects. Ordered and received thousands of supplies and equipment to meet critical operational requirements. Accomplished a turn in and distribution of over 100 past due equipment dispositions in equivalent of over 1.2 million dollars within 3 months. 2000-2001 Licensed Banker, Bank One, Ashland, OH 1996-2000 Loan Officer, Mayer Mortgage 1987-1996 Human Resources Generalist, Administrator, US Army, Columbus, OH

Retired from the US Army National Guard, Active Duty with 26 years experience and training.
Operations Manager for the National Guard Support of the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Port Clinton, OH.
Deployed in overseas operation, Operation Iraqis Freedom, with a platoon and return with all Soldier healthy and accounted for.

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<![CDATA[Lead Bud Tender]]> Lead Bud Tender

My name is Jordan, and I worked in the Medical Cannabis industry in Colorado Springs for 3 years! I started out as a trimmer, worked my way up to bud tender (because I love interacting with customers and watching their expressions when they walk through the door!!) And eventually got to an assistant lead job! This line of work is my true passion and a career I want to be included in for the rest of my life!

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<![CDATA[Human Resources]]> Human Resources

Strategic HR Professional with proven ability to lead, influence and counsel through complex HR related issues and initiatives by establishing strong business partnerships. Enjoys developing and implementing HR initiatives that enable companies to succeed through strong culture and successful leadership of their human capital. Along with a Masters from The Cannabis Training University, 5 years experience growing, trimming and making baked goods with oils. Cannabis is my passion and after losing my mother to lung cancer, this couldn't be anymore true.

Key business initiatives include Payroll, Performance Management, Associate Relations, Change and Conflict Management, Leadership Development, Coaching / Counseling, Succession Planning, Training and Talent Development, Team Building, Retention Strategy, Problem Solving, Process Improvement, Talent Acquisition and On-boarding.

Re-engineered HR organization: streamlined infrastructure and transitioned operations to shared services. (The result here is efficiency, in the form of a streamlined infrastructure and a new shared services center.). Led a company-wide culture change process resulting in a shift in competitive mindset from regulatory to non-regulatory. A strategic change initiative designed to improve the company's competitiveness. Initiated revision of outdated employee handbook and developed 15 HR policies and procedures for the last 3 companies I worked for.

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<![CDATA[Lead Grower]]> Lead Grower

I began learning how to cultivate cannabis from my grandfather who learned from his cousins that lived in coastal northern California in the 70s and 80s. Most of what he taught me was simple input and disciplined routine resulting in top quality cannabis for the genetics he had. After High school I left the area and help some friends set up their grows in the new Michigan medical system. Most of them went with different hydroponic systems which is where most of my hydroponic experience came from early on. While living in Michigan I reconnected with a friend I have lived with in Ohio who turned me onto True Living Organics by Rev from Skunk Magazine. I had read his articles before but after reading his book my whole view of cannabis cultivation changed and I became obsessed with living soil and organic cultivation methods.

I began studying into greater detail the science behind the techniques Rev outlines in his book. I discovered many authors and biologists whom specialize in topics such as composting/vermiculture, beneficial bacteria/fungi, bioavailability of nutrients, strain spacific nutrient preference, compost/fermented teas, enzyme activated terpene production and many more. After years of study, practical application, field studies and consultation I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as my own techniques and theories that makes me an invaluable asset.  I earned a restaurant operators sersafe license with a test score of 96% in 2015.

My wife and I bought a duplex and live rent and mortgage free. I have completed 2 breeding projects through large pool selection that are currently being tested by legal growers in Canada and Michigan.

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<![CDATA[Cultivation Manager]]> Cultivation Manager

Willing to relocate to Ohio - I am a fast learner who is very dedicated and crafts quality work in a timely manner. I have a wide range experience from overseeing and managing construction crews, to being proficient in time management, crew efficiency and organization in the Commercial Cannabis Industry. All the while growing pharmaceutical grade cannabis and following and revolutionizing a strict nutrient and IPM regiment that exceeds current industry standards. I am very knowledgeable in horticulture, hydroponics and identifying plant species, disease, insects and nutrient deficiencies.

I can also demo, renovate and or install nearly anything and just finished designing and installing a new irrigation system that feeds over 4,000 flowering plants and 1500 veg plants a day on 60 separate rolling hydro tables. I also have a significant amount of heavy and light equipment operation experience as well. I am eager to continue learning and developing my skills and this would be a great opportunity to keep pursuing my interest, passion and talent in the cannabis industry. I have an extensive flower and vegetable garden that sustains my family nearly all year around, and all with my skills that I learned growing up on a commercial grain and livestock farm.

I can grow efficiently: hyrdo, soil, coco, or whatever else you may try and with many different nutrient combinations. I can trim and maintain or troubleshoot nearly any equipment you may use. Plus I have a great knowledge of horticulture and botany that I would ultimately love to use by providing medicine to patients and expanding my knowledge while growing cannabis in this rapidly evolving industry.

Achieved the level of Assistant grow manager /project manager at a large commercial grow with less than one year of experience in the industry.  US Navy Combat Rescue Swimmer and Aviation Warfare Expert.

Bought a house in Colorado, had my first child(son) and helped my wife attain her Masters I Nursing, while paying off nearly all of our debt and all by the age of 30.

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<![CDATA[Attorney/Consultant]]> Attorney/Consultant

I'm in my final year of law school at the Ohio State University and am passionate about marijuana. I plan on working within the industry after graduation helping small businesses, reform & policy, and taxes. I originally got into the field because I saw how it could help close friends of mine with various medical conditions. I want to help others and medical marijuana is the venue through which I can best give back. I'm originally from Georgia but moved to Columbus for law school in 2016. I've been a freelance cannabis writer since 2017 and am currently one of the main writers for the Ohio Cannabusiness Magazine.

I graduated college cum laude in three years with a degree in Political Science and the first in my family to go to any graduate school.  One of my accomplishments includes the fact that I created a student organization at my law school to help first generation law students succeed and thrive and within our first year we had over one-hundred members sign-up.

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<![CDATA[Cultivation Manager]]> Cultivation Manager

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I graduated with a B.S. of Agriculture in the Dept of Horticulture & Crop Science from the Ohio State University in 2009.

I have been tending and talking plants for as long as I can remember and have almost 20 years of experience managing a diverse array of complex and multilevel business, operational, and horticultural systems at a Senior Level.

I've led presentations, strategy sessions, and Miller-Heiman organizational alignment meetings with executives and industry leaders across the nation; reviewed, selected, and on-boarded new hires for both Brickman and Brightview Landscapes and am also proficient at leading small labor crews, conducting hands on crew-training, managing inventory and identifying operational best practices in my industry. I am also adept at projecting operational costs and future budgetary needs/goals and am fluent in documenting process-results, data analysis, and setting production-metrics.

I am organized, self-motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to achieving maximum production efficiency from my myself, my teams, my tools, and most importantly - my plants. Aside from all this, I have an intense love and understanding of the cannabis plant and the passion to teach people about its many benefits. I feel that I would be a valued addition to any budding company looking to make their mark in the industry.

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<![CDATA[Cultivation Agent]]> Cultivation Agent
I’m a plant nerd who found a love for horticulture at a greenhouse in AL and never looked back. Lived in Alabama for a couple years after high school helping my Uncle with cancer, then moved back to NY where I’m from and went to school. I recently received my Associates from a reputable Ag&Science school in New York(Morrisville State College), with a concentration in greenhouse production. We did research with hemp and were the first to do this in NY in 80 years, which I am proud to be a part of. There I participated in several internship programs which gave me knowledge and stimulation in different areas (i.e. Organic farming, Commercial greenhouses, I.P.M. techniques, etc). I also have worked with ebb-flow, rock wool based hydro systems, drip technique, NFT systems, and have knowledge in soils and organic farming. 
I never thought I could love something as much as I love horticultural science and the surrounding disciplines. Cannabis has been a passion of mine for a long time and holds a special place in taxonomy for me. The medical and infrastructural benefits, as well as societal and economic are not without a great deal of stigma and lingering propaganda, which is why I have never stopped researching and learning as much as I can about the plant. I am a very quick learner and have a passion for this plant as well as the industry, and feel I would be a great asset to your team!
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<![CDATA[Attorney/Marketing Specialist]]> Attorney/Marketing Specialist

As an attorney with a background in entrepreneurship and marketing, I love to wear multiple hats! Because I come from an entrepreneurial background, I love the fast pace of the cannabis industry and like to get my hands dirty tackling projects that one would not normally expect from an attorney. 

My ideal job is one that utilizes my abilities to identify and mitigate regulatory & compliance challenges, contribute through deal closing/transactional legal work, and assist in digital, event, and other creative marketing efforts.

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